Topic Name Description
Ancient Art Page cartoon
URL The Caves of France
This is the French Government's web site for the cave paintings. Read the information and answer the quiz
Page cave movie
Egyptian Art Page Egyption art video
URL egyptian hieroglyphics
Page canopic jars
Greek Art Page lost treasure
URL Greek Creatures
Roman Art Page roman society video and assignment
watch the video and write down 25 facts learned in this video
Page roman history through art video and assignment
write down 40 facts about this video do not rush thsi whole series of videos is over 40 minutes long
URL about fresco video
Watch this video write down 5 facts
URL how to paint a fresco video
this video will show you how to mix your paint but not what to paint. You will need to set up a time to come in to school for a demonstration from me and pick up your supplies

Page Roman Mosaics video
Romanesque Art URL Romanesque fact web site
Gothic Art Page gothic architecture video and assignment
watch the video and write down 10 facts
Renaissance Art Page Art Of The Western World 3 - The Early Renaissance videos
Page Art Of The Western World 4 - The High Renaissance video series
watch the following videos and write down 35 facts
Page Leonardo Da Vinci video series
Watch this BBC series
write down 45 facts or ideas
URL Printmaking project
this site will give you a little idea of woodcuts and printmaking
you will be making your own prints using linoleum